"MID" both switch & wireless operated.  Hides 1 number plate only.  Comes with an LED indicator light to remind you when your plate is hidden.  Also includes a cigarette lighter plug for easy power supply (can be hard wired to battery too).

- License Plate Hide Gadget.  Curtain cover hide away gadget is super durable and weather resistant. Uses a metal motor gears and metal frame (plastic frame available).  Powered by electricity, to hide or show the license plate you use a switch or a tiny keychain remote control.  It installs super easy with just a screwdriver and usually only takes about 30 minutes to do.  It is universal for any car or truck with a standard USA 12x6in (30x15cm) license plate size  ADD TO CART NOW ----->


   "MID" curtain-cover gadget comes with 1 hide plate bracket so you can ONLY hide 1 license plate.  It is up to you if you hide only front or only rear number plate.  Has a central brain unit which installs inside your vehicle.  Central brain unit has buttons on it which can operate 2 gadgets (useful if you upgrade to "PRO" kit later).  It also comes with a tiny keychain remote control so you can operate the gadget from up to 150ft away.  Comes with an LED light which lights up anytime your plate is in HIDE position, very useful so you don't forget that your plate is hidden.  And comes with a cigarette lighter plug for easy 12v power, can easily be hard wired to battery too.

Not Included

   "MID" gadget does not come with 2 license plate hide brackets like "PRO"  OPTIONAL SEE --->

Not D.O.T. approved, off road use only.  Check all your local & State laws before purchase or use.

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#2c Curtain Cover Number Plate Hider MID

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