Q: What do hide plate gadgets do?
A: This hiding license plate gadget makes your car's or motorcycle's license plate hide away with a push of a switch or remote control so nobody can read it or steal it. Flip the switch mounted inside your vehicle and your license plate will fold down about 90 degrees out of view or a curtain will come down and hide/cover the plate. Flip it back off and the license plate retracts back to its original stock looking position.

Q: SHIPPING, Cost and delivery time.
A: We ship worldwide to every country in the world. Domestic USA shipping usually takes about 4 business days by USPS Priority mail International shipping usually takes 6-15 business days by USPS first class international shipping. Please keep in mind international shipping orders can sometimes be delayed do to customs inspections. There is nothing we can do about this.
- Domestic USA shipping costs between $9-22, and First Class International shipping is between $16-29.

Q: Will the hide plate gadget fit my car or motorcycle?
A: Motorcycle Flip-Down kit: is 100% universal. Fits any make & model bike. It also fits any size license plate.
(Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati, Harley, Triumph, BMW and others)
(US, CA, EU, AU, RU, GR, DK, FR, JP…)
A: Car Flip-Down kit: is also 100% universal for any car/truck and DOES fit any size plates 
(US, CA, EU, AU, RU, GR, DK, FR, JP…)
A: Car Retractable Curtain-Cover Gadget: Curtain-Cover kits work for any license plate size up to 12"x6"/31x16cm
Q: Is hide plate legal to have on my car/bike?
A: It is usually legal to hide your license plate when your vehicle is NOT being used and on private property (plate must be visible on any public road). Use at car/bike shows/meet, or just have it to impress your friends once in a while!  
(please also check your State & local laws for more info before purchase or use)

Q: How does the hideaway license plate gadget work?
A: Push HIDE on a switch or remote control* and the license plate hides away. Push the SHOW on the switch or remote control* and the retractable license plate hide gadget goes to visible position. Its really that easy.  
*(only some curtain-cover kits come with remote control option)

Q: INSALLATION of the reractable license plate bracket.

1) Remove your license plate from the vehicle's or motorcycle
2) Bolt up the kit where the license plate was a second ago 
3) Mount the license plate back over hide kit
4) Run the wires to battery & mount the switch in the car or front of the bike.

 Installation is very simple and it should only take 20-30 minutes. 

Q: What does the gadget include?
A: All flip plates come with everything you need to install it:
- Gadget (part that holds the plate), wiring, switch, and bolts for installation
(more expensive curtain-cover kits come with remote & position LED light indicator)

Q: WARRANTY on hide away plate gadget.
A: Yes. There is a three month warranty on all our retractable license plate gadgets. You can exchange any broken or damaged gadget for FREE. For a peace of mind we even sell spare parts or you can send in your damaged gadget to get fixed for just $25 after you warranty expires.

Q: Can I return the plate flipper if I don't like it?
A: Yes. You have 14 days to return the kit if its in its original condition for a 100% full refund. If the retractable license plate bracket is not returned within 14 days there will be a 15% restocking fee charge against your refund.
(please keep in mind original shipping & handling charges are none refundable)