About Us

TryDeal Company Bio

We specialize in automotive aftermarket inventions.  Every product we put out is unique and first on the market so when you get a TryDeal product you can be sure you get the first and best.  We don’t believe in being second in any aspect of our work.

Our motorized license plate hide gadgets have appeared on shows like “Sons of Guns” Porsche Cayenne episode, where the rear plate flips down to expose two machine guns on a vehicle built to protect military “VIPs”.  

Private detectives also frequently purchase our product to hide their vehicles identity.  TV show and movie producers purchase them to help lower cost of editing out license plates later.  

And perhaps our most frequent customers are people with highly modified cars and motorcycles.  Our 007 license plate hide gadgets were initially invented after the owner’s highly modified show car was stolen from his home garage.  Protecting license plate information is essential if you have a lot of money invested in your vehicle in aftermarket parts.  Many modified vehicles are stolen every year simply because your license plate number is registered to your home address.  Places like car or motorcycle events, meets, and shows can attract the wrong kind of people too.   If anything please take your plates off the vehicle while attending any of these types of events.  

Our team is absolutely dedicated to keeping every customer happy which is why you probably wont find one bad review about us anywhere.  Our website is constantly verified by PayPal to be 100% secure.  We have a full warranty and full money back guarantee on all our products.  We have been in business since 2007 and have been rated A by Better Business Bureau ever since.  We also only use the most reliable USPS First Class shipping service, which is insured and tracked.  We want our customers to feel safe shopping with us and confident their order will arrive and arrive on time.

We are open six days a week.  All emails are answered seven days a week and usually with in an hour.  We also have a 24 hours, seven days a week live chat window on our website for immediate help.  We can be found at any of these websites: http://TryDeal.com - http://007Plate.com - http://007LicensePlate.com - http://HidePlate.org - http://HideLicensePlate.com