Upgrade your flip-down gadgets motor to a permanent magnet neodymium motor, we also upgrade the plastic gears deep inside the gadget to metal gear.  + And as an added FREE bonus we also install a automatic self resetting fuse inside your gadget to prevent the motor from ever overheating.  Read more below.

NEODYMIUM MOTOR - Instead of using a small toy car electric motor we upgrade your gadgets motor to a permanent neodymium motor which is a much more powerful higher quality motor and a more expensive motor.  

METAL GEARS - Flip-down gadgets come with 6 tiny transmission gears (aka reduction gears) which are plastic.  These 6 gears are deep inside the gadget and you can not see them without disasembling the gadget.  We will upgrade these 6 gears to metal.  

P.S. The main gear (one you can see on the outside of the gadget) and one other gear inside will never be upgrade to metal.  Those 2 large main gears, even tough plastic are strong enough.  We've never seen them get damaged.

SELF RESETTING FUSE - We also install self resetting fuse which is there to prevent the motor from damage.  If for any reason something is preventing the gadget from flipping (say because of debris or someone is holding it) self resetting fuse will cut power to the motor after about 10 seconds and prevent any overheating and damage to the motor.  To reset the fuse, just remove power to the gadget for 30 seconds by simply releasing the buttons on the switch/remote control.  Fuse requires 30-60 seconds of no power to cool off at which point it resets and the gadget should again operate as intended.

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Neodymium Motor + Steel Gears + Auto Reset Fuse

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