Switch operated ONLY.  Plastic body. Strong neodymium motor & metal gears. Self resetting fuse to protect the motor.  Fits any car/truck/semi.  Warranty & money back guarantee.

- Electric motorized license plate hide gadget, like ones used in James Bond movies.  Install this easy to use retractable license plate gadget and easily hide your license plate at car meets, shows, events, photoshoots and more.  It is 100% automatic/electric, flip a switch or use a tiny remote control & hide the plate wirelessly from up to 150ft (50m) away (OPTIONAL --->).  It is also possible to get a stronger neodymium permanent magnet motor, upgraded metal transmission gears, and a self resetting fuse to protect the motor for years to come (INCLUDED).  Installs in no time with just a screwdriver.  Fits any car or truck with any size license plate (Us, Ca, Uk, Eu, Ru, Gr, Au...)  Comes with everything you need, + full warranty & our money back guarantee so ADD TO CART NOW  ----->

Popular car installs
Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Infiniti, Lexus, Audi, Bmw, Mercedes, Porsche, Jaguar, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Cadillac... 

Not D.O.T. approved, off road use only.  Check all your local & State laws before purchase or use.


Construction:  ABS plastic housing
Electric motor:  12v DC (12watt)
Input voltage: 8-24 volts
Angle:  flip up or down 90° degrees
Speed: up or down 0.8 to 1.5 seconds
Wiring:  17ft (5m) of wire
Size: 11x6x1inches (28x15x2.5cm)
Switch:  1 rocker switch 1x1x1.25" (2.5x2.5x3cm)
Water, rain, carwash, dust, dirt, vibration resistant

NOT D.O.T. APPROVED. OFF ROAD USE ONLY.  Check all local and State laws before purchase and use of this product.


Sleek thin design, does not look like a license plate flip bracket.
Gadget does NOT move by it self, and does not move by hand
Gadget is rain water, carwash, dirt, dust and vibration resistant
Flips up or down in about 1 second, loud so you can hear it move
Motor only has 12v power when moving, will NOT drain battery
Can be installed on: undertail, swingarm, or stock license bracket
Can be installed up right, sideways or upside down (your choice)
Only requires 20-30 minutes to instal & usually only a screwdriver
Universal, will fit any car or turck & any size plate (Us, Uk, Eu..)
Three month warranty & money back guarantee, add to cart now

Installation (typical 20-30 minutes)
Remote your license plate from its current location
Mount the flip-down plate gadget in the same location
Mount the plate back onto the gadget (2 bolts)
Run 2 wires to the battery and connect them
Run 2 more to inside of the car for the switch. DONE


I think this is the same gadget that I bought for my car? Anyways, works great :--) No problems so far with either.


I paid extra to get the metal gears but I can clearly see that the gear on the outside is still plastic!

A) Main gear you see on the outside is always plastic. When you get the neo motor + metal gear upgrade, 6 tiny transmission gears deep inside the gadget that do all of the work are upgrade to metal. That large plastic main gear on the outside is strong enough, there is no reason to make it metal. Please think about revising your rating.

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#2f Plastic Flip Down Hide Plate + METAL GEAR

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