"NOVICE" switch operated only.  Hides only 1 license plates.  Must be hard wired to battery.

 - Super durable and weather resistant. TryDeal hide plate uses a metal motor gears and metal frame (plastic frame available).  Powered by electricity, to hide or show the license plate you use a switch (no remote).  It installs super easy with just a screwdriver and usually only takes about 30 minutes to do.  It is universal for any car or truck with a standard USA 12x6in (30x15cm) license plate size.  


   "NOVICE" curtain-cover hide gadget comes with 1 plate bracket so you can ONLY hide 1 license plate.  It is up to you if you hide only front or only rear license plate.  Has 1 rocker switch which you install inside your vehicle so you can operate the license plate hide gadget.  ADD TO CART NOW ----->

Not Included

   "NOVICE" hide away license plate does not come with 2 plate brackets.  You can not hide both front and rear license plate "PRO".  Does not come with a remote control so you can not hide the plate from up to 150ft away "MID and PRO".  Does not come with a LED light which lights up anytime your plate is in HIDE position, very useful so you don't forget that your plate is hidden.  And does not come with a cigarette lighter plug for easy 12v power "MID and PRO".  This kit must be hard wired straight to battery  OPTIONAL SEE --->

Not D.O.T. approved, off road use only.  Check all your local & State laws before purchase or use.


Great invention. Do you guys give discounts on larger orders? I was thinking about reselling these in my car performance shop.

-- Answer: yes we offer great discounts to resellers, please email us through the contact form for more info.</i>


Can't beat this price. To be honest after getting it installed and seeing how useful it is I would have paid double the price ;-)


Was hard to decide if I should get the switch or the more expensive remote control one but now that I have it I realize this is all you really need, I can upgrade to wireless one late right?

A: Yes, you can upgrade your switch operated version to wireless remote control operated version anytime late.


Fast shipping and the gadget does exactly what it says it does. Over a year of use now without any problems :-)


Gadget is great, really high quality but I hate the switch. why did you make it where I have to hold the switch ON to move the curtain up and down? As soon as you let go it stops.

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#1c Curtain Cover HideAway License Plate NOVICE

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