Custom FLIR heat seeking night vision install on a G35
(Cadillac Deville camera used)

Bought a FLIR night vision camera for a 99-03 Cadillac Deville, install a 5" monitor above my CD player and install the camera behind the grill. Awesome thing was I didn't have to drill a hole in the grill for the lens, it just happens so that when I installed the camera lens happened to be between the two horizontal fins on the grill and it can see between them without me having to mod the grill.

Cadillac camera is pretty expensive, usually sells for $800-1200 on ebay but I found one locally for $300. Be careful when buying the camera, there are 2 versions. 2nd gen version is smaller and better. 1st gen version had a bad seal and water would get in it and it would rust out all the electronics inside (don't buy). I've had four 2nd gen version cameras and they all worked fine. This can be done to any car. Installation is pretty easy and straight forward.